Seven companies started integrating data with the Research Platform.

We are delighted to announce that a total of seven (7) companies have joined the Research Platform in the last two weeks.  We thank these companies for their early support and confidence.

  • Salmones Aysen,
  • Australis Seafoods, 
  • Blumar Seafoods
  • Ventisqueros
  • Camanchaca
  • Salmones Antartica,
  • Multiexport Foods.

We are having ongoing meetings with several other companies and hope to have more good news very soon.

Australis and Salmones Aysen start the ball rolling!!

What a great way to start this April visit! Australis Seafoods and Salmones Aysen have demonstrated their full support for the Research Platform by starting the data integration process. Both companies have shown great confidence and vision through their early participation in the industry Research Platform.

Ausvet were delighted to work with Marcela Galanti, Patricio Pena Rehbein and the Australis data team on Friday 13 April to upload retrospective company data and progress the automated data transfer arrangements. David Garrido and Salmones Aysen’s data manager, Pamela Orellana started this week well by finalising the first automated data transfer to the Research Platform.



Angus Cameron, Ausvet’s project leader, is pleased with the early response but knows it is just the beginning. “We are very optimistic about other companies coming on board this week. We’re really keen to give them early rewards by generating sophisticated health related company-level analyses through the Research Platform. The industry-wide analyses won’t be able to be presented until we have integrated data from more companies. We are working hard to get as many as possible as early as possible.”

Both Australis and Salmones Aysen have shown strong support for the Research Platform from the outset of the project and they have played an important role in launching this important industry resource.

The Research Platform ensures data confidentiality for each company but integrates the data to enable it to be used for industry-wide risk factor analysis into SRS and Caligus this year and other research priorities in the future.

Ausvet is back in town!!

Angus Cameron and Catriona Mackenzie have arrived back in Puerto Varas for another visit.  We will be looking forward to arranging further meetings with companies, freshwater hatcheries and other industry associates from Tuesday, 10 April to Tuesday, 24 April.

Please take advantage of our presence to help us to complete the risk factor research, build the Research Platform and bring concrete benefits to your company and the Chilean aquaculture industry.

What’s App and phone:

Angus Cameron: + 56 990723354

Catriona Mackenzie: +56 982558320