What are the differences between the Research Platform and the Intesal, SIFA and AquaBench data bases?

SIFA, Aquabench, Intesal, and now the Research Platform – what are they for and how are they different?

The easiest way to understand the difference is in terms of breadth and depth. Breadth is the population coverage, and depth is the amount of detail in the data.
A company’s Fishtalk or Mercatus database is very deep (lots of detail) but only covers one company (quite narrow). SIFA is very broad (all companies report to SIFA) but it only contains a limited amount of detail so is quite shallow.

The Research Platform aims to be both very broad and very deep (full coverage of the population, and lots of detail – especially potential management risk factors).

In addition, the Research Platform is able to incorporate other sources of data useful in further extending our understanding of disease and treatments.

Very importantly, these databases are all used for different purposes.  SIFA for regulatory purposes, Aquabench for benchmarking  and Intesal for improved industry level production data.