Ausvet visit – 21 May to 10 June

Meet more of the Ausvet team

Three of Ausvet’s epidemiologists are making their first visit to Chile for the project in May.  They are looking forward to getting to know all the project partners and participants. Ausvet’s now well-known social scientist, Catríona (Cate) Mackenzie, will be accompanying them.

 Dr Jenny  Hutchison

Jenny is one of Ausvet’s four executive consultants and leads the team in our Canberra office. Jenny is a veterinary epidemiologist with a wealth of experience from working in Australia, North America, Asia and Africa. She is great at extracting meaning from data and evidence-based decision making.

Anne Meyer

Anne is a consultant based in the Perth office in Australia. Trained as a veterinary epidemiologist, Anne also has amazing skills with databases and is leading the work on integration of company data into the research platform, and extracting the required data for analysis.

Dr Alison Hillman

Alison is another of our epidemiology consultants based in Perth. She is a whiz at data analysis and visualisation using the R statistical language,  as well as spatial data analysis