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Data transfer instructions

Detailed instructions are available for automatically transferring data from company databases to the integrated research platform. You can also download the same instructions as a PDF document.


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Step-by-step instructions

Downloading previous backup copies


March 2018 Workshops

Day 1: SIFA Analysis

Preliminary Information. Subject to Revision. Not for Citation or Distribution.

The information on this page and the linked downloads is based on a preliminary analysis. It is being shared with the Salmon industry and other researchers to provide further input on the analysis approach and identify further factors that need to be taken into account. All analyses are subject to revision, and none of this data should be cited, distributed or used as the basis for decisions or recommendations.  

Presentation download

The full preliminary analysis presentation, including graphics can be downloaded here: 
SIFA data analysis Powerpoint Presentation

PDF version for download 

Day 2: Research platform

Presentation download

 The presentation on the research platform can be downloaded here:
Research Platform

PDF version for download.
Research Platform

Day 3: Research Methodology and future priorities

Presentation download

  The presentation for this participative day of the workshop can be downloaded here.   March Workshop_Research Priorities

PDF version for download.  March Workshop_Research Priorities.

January 2018 Company meetings

The Powerpoint presentation can be downloaded here.

A dot-point summary of the talking points used during the presentation to companies.

Coming soon!

Coming soon!